What’s going on readers. So yes I fell off the wagon COMPLETELY. I went way too hard too fast and ended up being sore for two weeks. So I decided why not restart for Lent starting Ash Wednesday. So during the time in between, I planed and evaluated what I needed to work on. And yes I am Catholic, so Lent is an important time for me.

Two years ago, I went through a significant change in my life. I had fallen and hit rock bottom in my life, and God gave me a second chance. I was reborn again during Christmas time in order to make a change within myself. So during Lent that year, I evaluated what lead me to my darkest moment and worked on it till the present day. And I must say I am a different person now. So each Lent, I vow to make changes, big or small in order to better my life and my relationship with God. So this is what I’ve come up with for a plan of action during Lent.

1. Get fit

Okay Yes I’m small already but that doesn’t mean anything. Being small doesn’t make anyone healthy or fit. So instead of attempting to go everyday, I’m going to workout every other day. I’m going to start off small tomorrow by going for a run early in the morning and then do core workout at night. Rotation will be every other day until I can handle an everyday rotation.

2. Get Organized

My mind is full of clutter so I decided to keep a day planner with me at all times. This way I can be less stressed and better prepared for all my projects. As I see it, life is getting real now so I need to build strong organizational habits for my clients.

3. Budget

I am horrible at this one and I know I can do better. So all of lent I will not be purchasing anything. I’m going to learn self control in regards to money and really start building a savings, especially since I’ll need it before and during the time I take the bar.


4. Letting go of fear

This is one is hard to explain but there’s something I’ve been fearing that I don’t want to fear anymore. So during these 40 days, I’ll seek guidance through meditation, God, and who ever God leads me to for answers, well pieces to the answer.

Now I have a couple more but those are more personal. But any in case, I hope you all enjoyed Madi Gras aka Fat Tuesday. You’ve partied, indulged, and enjoyed the holiday and now it’s time renew yourselves. Use this time to really connect with God for piecing together the answers you need to build or fix your relationship with God and yourself. To fix vices and build brand new habits. A lot of times we let the world discourage us from being the best we can be but this is the time to change that. God is waiting with hands wide open and strength to give. Remember he does not judge us or punish us for where we have fallen but patiently waits for us to come back home and give us strength to overcome.

So Day 1 begins to day and remember email me with your progress and stories for me to feature.


What’s going on readers? I know I’ve been a way for awhile probably should have posted on the first but that’s so cliche. But Happy New Year Everyone! It is now 2012 and regardless of what 2011 brought you, remember this is you’re fresh start, a brand new beginning, a brand new chapter. God has brought you this far so if you are still battling with past demons or other emotional problems, this is your year to change that. God will give you the strength to make changes but you have to grab his hand first. I know some of you are probably saying “easier said then done,” and you’re probably right but nothing in life was meant to be easy. She’s a female dog with a shot gun but that’s where you take God’s hand and make a plan. Baby steps, crawling, standing, walking, running, THEN you can run. But let’s talk about the planning part.

This subject means a lot to me readers because I’ve been where some of you are right now or were. I’ve been trapped in complete darkness, broken, and ready to give up on everything, and every day I thank God for the second chance but second chances aren’t meant to be wasted either. Its never too late to start over so let’s talk about how to start over.

There’s an old saying that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit. Some say 7 days but let’s be real with ourselves, the 21 sounds about right. Going 21 days without doing something is extremely hard especially when your subconscious kicks in and starts reminding you of how much you love that bad habit, or “its just one time, no harm done.” That’s how we fall of the wagon. Now 21 days doesn’t just have to be applied to bad habits but good ones as well.

A few months ago, I tried this. I knew it would be difficult, I knew it would be hard, I knew I would fall of the wagon and have to start over. That’s the key though, getting back on the horse and trying again no matter how many times he throws you off. I have to admit, looking back I started off pretty bold with emotional bad habits which takes lots of discipline and lots of patience. I fell off…several times so I had to change my strategy by starting of more simply. So I chose things like 21 days of just drinking water (cleansing) and 21 days of no soda. And let me tell you, my mind was definitely peer pressuring me with things like “how about 1 soda a week”….and I had to tell myself NO! And 21 days later, I barely reach for a soda and I drink a lot more water. Next I moved on to emotional problems which I have truly gotten control over like insecurity and forgiving more.

So here’s my challenge to all of you and myself included, let’s use 2012 to fix our vices and start new habits. 21 day Challenge of your choosing! Email me at with your 21 day challenge each month and each week I will include not only my progress but my readers as well! Let’s start a trend by fixing ourselves in order to change the world. Don’t forget ARK either in your 21 day challenges 🙂

My first challenge: Working out at least 30 minutes per day for 21 days straight.

et cetera