Hello my devoted readers! I know I disappeared for a good two weeks, maybe three not quite sure but I am back and totally refreshed after enduring finals. I apologize for keeping you all waiting for so long but let’s just say you’ll have a post to read everyday for the most part while i’m on break.

I’ve been wanting to do this piece for a while now and I’m not quite sure how long it will be but it’s something we all should have been doing, especially during the holidays. I was watching Evan Almighty one day and I noticed something at the end of the movie that really struck me, when “God” wrote the word ARK into the ground which was an acronym for Acts of Random Kindness. I’m sure many people didn’t catch it and only realized the humor in the movie but there was a deeper message. I want to talk about paying it forward and ARK today which I should have posted when I thought of it on Thanksgiving but oh finals how it destroys any other thoughts and things I want to do. But anyway the concept of paying it forward, the movie we’ve all scene, thought was cute but never really thought about paying it forward.

The holidays have become so commercialized and materialistic, and while there’s the men and women who stand outside of stores and on street corners for the salvation army, attempting to collect enough money to help at least one family in distress, people do the bare minimum in order to make themselves feel good. Have we really become that selfish and living the concept of “every man for himself” that we do as little as possible to help our fellow humans? What happened to our humanity? Why don’t we do Acts of Random Kindness anymore?

I think those of us who have take for granted those who don’t. Maybe because we don’t understand or maybe we do and just try to forget the times we were in need, but is that an excuse like the saying “boys will be boys”? Maybe we don’t have time for Acts of Random Kindness? I don’t think so. There’s never a good reason not to help our fellow man in some way, any way. We’ve all had our blessing in life, God finding ways to make life not so bad when we take his hand and let him, so why not let him use to you to do the same for another.

A good friend of mine after we we’re finished with finals, well actually when he was finished (I had one more to go) went to buy presents for under privileged kids for Christmas just because. I admire him for this because he realized how much God has blessed him in life so he wanted to let God work through him by blessing others, which is what we should all strive to do all year long, not just Christmas.

So let’s talk about paying it forward and ARK….

I know a lot of my readers are students like me and giving up money is hard thing to do and even you aren’t a student, I understand we’re in a recession! Money is tight. But paying it forward by ARK doesn’t have to be giving money, it could be really simple. If you see a person who just looks like they are having a bad day, shoot a smile or a hello their way. People don’t understand the power of a smile and hello, you could seriously make that person’s day! Or how about just letting someone cut you in traffic, that could be the difference between that person making it to see a loved one who is a sick or not losing their job. Holding a door for someone or just starting a random conversation with someone could make a big difference. When you leave a restaurant and someone who is homeless is asking for change for food, give him you’re leftovers if you have any! Or if you see him before you go in, get a burger or something off the menu and hand it to him on your way out. And how about instead of that second latte or putting your change in a jar from the store, put it in the Salvation Army bucket. Do you really need that change? Probably not. Do you have free time? Go a hospital where cancer patients are and just go sit and talk with them, you have no idea how you’re presence will make a world of difference. The list is endless.

Now how many of you remember the concept of paying it forward? The theory behind it from the movie? Well it starts with you doing three good deeds a day, whatever you choose for three people. Three people you don’t know or maybe a family member you barely speak too. And by you doing these ARKS, the person who receives them then goes out and does the same thing (of course without you telling them too). Granted will everyone do it? No but that doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you took a moment out to let God work through you like he works through others for you.

Noah didn’t have to let all those people on the ARK but he did. He paid it forward to thousands of people who felt the power of God’s love through him. We are challenged as believers in hope and faith and a high power (regardless of your religion) to reach out to our fellow man like others reach out to us. So this is my challenge readers: Every day this season, do three ARKs to pay it forward and don’t stop because Christmas is over but make a New Years Resolution to continue reaching out. The world is a scary place full of violence and greed, and all it takes is one pebble to create a ripple in the water. Hope lies at the bottom of our hearts so let the light shine.

Happy Holidays and until next time be blessed ❤


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