{December 15, 2011}   Model Mayhem: The Epidemic of the Self-Proclaimed Social Networking Model

Okay so I haven’t written in quite so sometime and I most APOLOGIZE readers! Like i have several blogs started, just haven’t finished some of them but here’s my topic today. Social Network Models: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE! 

So I was on Facebook earlier today and one of my former co-workers at Guess is now a stripper. How do I know this? Well a photographer at her “new job” took pictures of her “working” at “work” (and yes I see this to be problematic if she ever thinks of becoming a professional but that’s a topic for another day or this one actually). Now at first I was like this girl needs to untag herself, what is she doing? But then again, I thought to myself “hey she’s getting paid for it (probably a lot of money) and is seemingly comfortable. Acceptable (too a certain degree that she is getting paid, still think this will cause transitional problems, i’ll get to that). Well anyway this made me think about these social network “models”. You know the ones who pay some guy with an expensive camera probably $100 or more dollars an hour plus cost of proofs and whatever else to photograph them in lewd positions (you know half naked, ass up, legs spread, boobs out, cheep underwear or skimpy clothes) because he said “oh you have a beautiful body and face, you could be a model. Here’s my card.” And the girl smiles because she has no self esteem what so ever until then and gathers her min wage money to pay him to basically produce pornographic photographs to put on the internet. Then he finds another unsuspecting girl to do the same to. Yeah you know, those types. My question today is WHY? Why do these girls sit up and degrade themselves for free, matter fact PAY to degrade themselves?? 

These girls have photos on the a typical sites

and the list goes on…

Tara Banks started her show America’s Next Top Model when I was in high school where in the first few seasons, she warned young women of the dangers of scam artists out there. She said NEVER pay for photos or portfolios, NEVER TRUST so called free lance photographers, NEVER PAY so called scouting sites or companies. Finding an agency to represent you COST virtually NOTHING but you walking in and you having what THEIR clients are LOOKING for. Same with MANY fashion magazines like COSMOPOLITAN, COSMO GIRL, GLAMOUR, ELLE, ELLE GIRL, VOGUE, VOGUE GIRL, ETC. ALL of them WARN them, yet still and all these young women continue to do these things. All these lewd pictures become public information and property and can easily be used for the wrong purposes. 

What these young women also don’t understand is when they attempt to secure actual professional careers, these “model pictures” are going to come back to haunt them. Just like making a sex tape or sending out lewd pictures of yourself in a text message that end up all of over the net or something, THIS TOO CAN CAUSE A PROBLEM. Employers WILL type in your name into a SUPER search engine that goes FAR beyond that of anything we have and WILL FIND all these “model pictures” floating around the internet. And honestly I’ve googled some of the young ladies names that I have seen with these model mayhem modeling pages and have found a lot just through GOOGLE a BASIC search engine. So not only have paid to degrade yourself (at least my ex co-worker is getting paid), you also have cut your chances at a real career because trust me it will be USED against you. TIMES ARE HARD and employers are becoming more cut throw in narrowing down candidates. 

So please take this advice wisely for any of you THINKING about it…DON’T do it. And those of you who already have, well I suggest you begin cleaning up now. 

“First impressions are lasting impressions” 


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